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Part No. TVR 039J106A

Brake Disc Front Vented For 2 pot Caliper..

TVR Brake Disc Front Vented 262mm For Tasmin with the 2 piston Caliper . sold as a pair.

£92.00 ex VAT £99.99

Part No. TVR 042R063A

Halfshaft UJ Large late Tasmin

Large UJ used on halfshafts of later V8 tasmins and wedge cars ( late 350I ,390SE,400SE etc ). 106 mm across approx .This is a heavy duty...

£29.95 ex VAT £29.95

Part No. TVR 10128

TVR Swirl Tank 3000 M with 4 Outlet

TVR Swirl Tank 3000 M with 4 Outlet and mounting brkt . Please see picture as there are different versions .

£135.00 ex VAT £147.00

Part No. TVR 10158

Pivot rod long M series

Long pivot rod Bolt shaft for rear suspension on all M series cars and which goes through the rear upright and connects the rear lower...

£24.50 ex VAT £24.50

Part No. TVR 10264P

Suspension bush Vixen Grantura

Quality polyurethane  wishbone (A arm )to chassis bush for all Vixen ( except Vixen S4 ,see p/no 15428P for this application...

£5.50 ex VAT £5.95

Part No. TVR 10301

Water excluder strip

Water excluder strip, used on M series cars. Fits across door frame and designed to reduce water ingress into door where drop glass lowers...

£5.50 ex VAT £5.95

Part No. TVR 10317

Glazing rubber ,rear screen and tailgate..

TVR Sealing rubber for rear sceen ( tailgate on Taimar ) for all M series ( except 3000S), Vixen, Tuscan, Griffith 200/400, 1800S and Grantura...

£12.10 ex VAT £13.66

Part No. TVR 125M018A

TVR Door Pin Switch

TVR Door Pin Switch.

£6.22 ex VAT £7.24

Part No. TVR 125V411A

Bumper to body seal

Small triangular seal that fits between the bumper and body on most Tasmin and wedge series cars. Sold per metre. Approx 3m required per...

£5.95 ex VAT £6.62

Part No. TVR 15035

Rear wheel cylinder M and Vixen

Rear wheel cylinder for all M seies, Vixen, Tuscan and Grantura mk3 and mk4. 0.7 in bore and comes with bleed nipple.

£16.00 ex VAT £16.50

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