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Part No. TVR 025J082A

Brake master cylinder early S & Tasmin

Brake master cylinder for early S cars upto approx 1989, with reservoir mounted on the master cylinder. Note: not the same as the later...

£109.05 ex VAT £114.65

Part No. TVR 025K005A

TVR Radiator Cap 15lb

TVR Radiator Cap 15lb.

£8.95 ex VAT £10.99

Part No. TVR 025L024A

Seal ring fuel filler.

Large rubber O ring Grommet which fits over the fuel tank filler pipe where it goes through the body. Used on all Tasmin and wedge cars....

£8.95 ex VAT £8.95

Part No. TVR 025M007A

Window lift assembly Tasmin LH

Electic window lift mechanism assembly including motor, for the left hand door in all Tasmin and wedge models.This is a new unit from the...

£95.00 ex VAT £95.00

Part No. TVR 025M008A

Window lift assembly Tasmin RH

Electric window lift mechanism assembly for the right hand door in all Tasmin / Wedge models. This is new unit from the original manufacturer...

£95.00 ex VAT £95.00

Part No. TVR 025M160A

Reverse light switch 4 speed Ford

Reverse light switch which screws into the gearbox case on the 4 speed Type 5 gearbox. Used in V6 M series (3000M, Taimar, 3000S) and Tasmin...

£37.50 ex VAT £37.50

Part No. TVR 025M191A

TVR Window Switch S3 & V8 S Models

TVR Window Switch. Rocker switch for windows, to fit S3 & V8 S models.

£21.49 ex VAT £24.36

Part No. TVR 025M245A

TVR Wiper Arm Tasmin

TVR Wiper Arm for Tasmin models.

£21.99 ex VAT £24.75

Part No. TVR 025M476A

Headlamp bowl assembly

Headlamp mounting bowl assembly, including plastic bowl ( wont corrode ) with chrome plated, securing ring and screws. Suits all S cars...

£24.75 ex VAT £27.50

Part No. TVR 025Q076A

Clutch V6

Clutch kit for V6 S and V6 Tasmin cars also 3000M Models  ,includes plate ,cover and release bearing .

£125.00 ex VAT £135.00

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