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Part No. TVR E2117OE

TVR Oil Filter OE Land Rover

TVR Oil Filter OE Land Rover .

£12.90 ex VAT


Part No. TVR D0091

TVR Rear Anti Roll Bar 19mm

TVR Rear anti roll bar 19mm .Rear Roll bar mounted under the exhaust . Griffith and Chimaera models.

£185.00 ex VAT £205.00


Part No. TVR 025J030A

Hand Brake Cable Tasmin Models

Hand Brake Cable For Tasmin Models 280i - 450i .

£29.99 ex VAT £39.95


Part No. TVR RD004B

TVR Rear Screen Clips Thumb Screws

TVR Rear Screen Clips Thumb Screws to fit the Racetech Direct Rear Screen Clips part No.RD004. These Stainless Steel Thumb Screws are an alternative...

£8.90 ex VAT


Part No. TVR U0374


TVR Replacement Pedal rubber (plain with no Logo ). Fitted to the Clutch, Brake and Throttle pedals for Tasmin / Wedge S V8S, Griffith and Chimaera...

£6.99 ex VAT £8.99


Part No. TVR E3435

Hose Oil Breather

Hose oil breather Front chest to airbox to fit both 4.2 and 4.5 Cerbera in sillicone and for long lasting Fluero lined .

£29.99 ex VAT £32.99

Part No. TVR E2673

TVR Oil Cooler 16 Row High spec

TVR Oil Cooler 16 Row High spec All Alloy . Extra Strong and high pressure for Cerbera AJP V8 models

£95.00 ex VAT £99.99


Part No. TVR U0289

TVR Interior Windscreen Mirror

TVR Interior dip mirror for windscreen with black frame. Correct size as fitted by the Factory and correct tight fit on boss .

£28.99 ex VAT


Part No. TVR N0070

Grommet Large

Large Grommet for dash or bulkhead and inner wheel arch to allow wiring, throttle cable and other controls into the car.

£3.50 ex VAT


Part No. TVR 025L024A

Seal ring fuel filler.

Large rubber O ring Grommet which fits over the fuel tank filler pipe where it goes through the body. Used on all Tasmin and wedge cars. Also suits...

£8.95 ex VAT £8.95

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