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Part No. TVR V1119

TVR Lumber Pump/ Adaptor

TVR Lumbar pump / adaptor for seat diaphragm.

£19.99 ex VAT £21.99

Part No. TVR V1308

TVR Upper And Lower Screen Seal

TVR upper and lower windscreen seal, narrow T section. To fit Sagaris, T350, Tamora and Cerbera lower screen.  Also rear screen seal...

£5.45 ex VAT £7.95

Part No. TVR V1410

TVR Targa Roof Seal T350

TVR Targa 'P' stick on roof seal for T350 models. Also used between the spoiler and body shell on MKII Tuscan models can also be used along...

£6.95 ex VAT £7.88

Part No. TVR VX15625

Top ball joint Vixen and Grantura

Upper front ball joint for Vixen S1,S2,S3 ,Tuscan V6 & V8 ,Griffith 200 & 400, 1800S and Grantura Mk 3 & Mk4.A quality European...

£42.95 ex VAT £47.99

Part No. TVR VX15724

Track rod end Vixen Grantura

Track rod end  to suit all Vixen S1,S2 ,S3 ,Tuscan V6 & V8 ,Griffithh 200& 400, 1800S and Grantura Mk3 & 4.

£9.95 ex VAT £12.99

Part No. TVR VX300017

Glazing rubber front windscreen.

Front screen rubber to suit all M series ( except 3000S ), Vixen, Tuscan, Griffith 200 / 400, 1800S, Grantura Mk 1 to Mk 4 cars. This is...

£12.10 ex VAT £13.66


Wire wheel adaptor retainer nut

Special retaining nut used on cars with wire wheels to secure the wire wheel adaptor to the hub. It features a bevelled or tapered edge...

£2.00 ex VAT £2.00

Part No. TVR W0065

TVR Cable Tidy Clip

TVR Cable tidy clip, can also be used on the front uprights to hold brake hose on late models.

£0.99 ex VAT £1.25

Part No. TVR W0088

TVR Exhaust Hanger Bolt

TVR Exhaust Hanger Bolt. Please note that this is TVR Original Equipment.

£9.99 ex VAT £12.99

Part No. TVR W0094

Nut Nyloc M10 TVR

Nut for front/rear anti roll bar drop link (fine thread)

£0.99 ex VAT £2.20

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