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Part No. TVR 025L066A

Fuel tank sender unit Smiths dash 6 bolt..

Fuel tank sender unit Smiths dash 6 bolt fitting for Tasmin models .

£55.78 ex VAT £59.99

Part No. TVR 025M007A

Window lift assembly Tasmin LH

Electic window lift mechanism assembly including motor, for the left hand door in all Tasmin and wedge models.This is a new unit from the...

£95.00 ex VAT £95.00

Part No. TVR 025M160A

Reverse light switch 4 speed Ford

Reverse light switch which screws into the gearbox case on the 4 speed Type 5 gearbox. Used in V6 M series (3000M, Taimar, 3000S) and Tasmin...

£39.75 ex VAT £43.22

Part No. TVR 025M191A

TVR Window Switch S3 & V8 S Models

TVR Window Switch. Rocker switch for windows, to fit S3 & V8 S models.

£21.49 ex VAT £24.36

Part No. TVR 025M476A

Headlamp bowl assembly

Headlamp mounting bowl assembly, including plastic bowl ( wont corrode ) with chrome plated, securing ring and screws. Suits all S cars...

£24.75 ex VAT £27.50

Part No. TVR 035E619A


TVR Starter motor for TVR Chimaera, Griffith  V8S  and V8 wedge models models). This is a NEW high power 1.7kw unit and should...

£135.00 ex VAT £185.00

Part No. TVR 035K032A

TVR Cooling Fan Otter Switch

TVR Cooling fan otter switch 92C' - 87C'. For TVR S V6 models, also used on some Tasmin / Wedge models and on M series where the switch...

£10.95 ex VAT £12.95

Part No. TVR 125M018A

TVR Door Pin Switch

TVR Door Pin Switch.

£6.22 ex VAT £7.24

Part No. TVR 15093

Ignition Coil Essex V6

Ignition coil for Essex V6 engine fitted with BALLAST ignition system and points ( not electronic ) ignition. Suits 3000M, Taimar, 3000S...

£24.00 ex VAT £29.87

Part No. TVR 15994

Horn Spring Brush Contact

Horn Spring Brush Contact for the slip ring Vixen and M series .

£12.55 ex VAT £14.99

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