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Part No. TVR J0760

TVR Brake Disc Rear 298mm

TVR Rear brake disc (298mm, vented and cross drilled). For MKI / MKII Tuscan S, Red Rose and Sagaris models. Sold as a pair.



£199.00 ex VAT £280.00


Part No. TVR J0758

TVR Brake Discs Rear Pair - TVR Tuscan..

TVR Rear brake discs (282mm x 20mm thick ) -Hi Quality Vented / Cross Drilled / not handed / Road or Track / balanced . Zinc painted...

£208.00 ex VAT £260.00


Part No. TVR J0106B

Brake Disc Rear Solid - Drilled and Grooved..

TVR Rear Solid Brake Disc, drilled and grooved. Fitted to Early Griffith, Chimaera and S V8 models. Sold as a pair.




£105.00 ex VAT


Part No. TVR J0001B

Brake Disc Front 240mm Drilled and Grooved..

TVR Front Brake Disc, 239mm / 240mm drilled and grooved for Griffith, Chimaera, S and V8S models. Sold as a Pair.




£126.60 ex VAT


Part No. TVR K0124AA

TVR Radiator Alloy - Late Griff / Chim..

TVR Radiator, all Aluminium construction - to fit Early and Late Griffith and Chimaera models as well as Cerbera AJP V8 (TVR part numbers K0091 -...

£299.00 ex VAT £450.00


Part No. TVR V0660

TVR Label for Engine Bay (Do Not Jet Wash)..

TVR "Do Not Jet Wash" label for the engine bay.

£5.74 ex VAT £7.95


Part No. TVR 025R022P

TVR Differential Mounting Bush (2)

TVR Differential mounting bush lower under diff to Cradle for Tasmin models with the "H" arm rear wishbone suspension .

£29.99 ex VAT


Part No. TVR RD594V6

TVR Core Plug Kit Essex V6

TVR Core Plug Kit Essex V6 . Core plug kit 14 peice .

£12.95 ex VAT


Part No. TVR RD24V6

TVR Core Plug Kit cologne V6

TVR Core Plug Kit cologne V6 . core plug kit 12 peice .

£12.95 ex VAT


Part No. TVR J0088

Brake Servo TVR V8 & AJP

TVR Brake servo for TVR Griffith, Chimaera and Cerbera models. Can be used on S models with slight modifications .

£199.00 ex VAT £465.00

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