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Part No. TVR D0333

Rear Anti Roll Bar Mtg. Rubber TVR

Anti roll bar D mount standard TVR spec 19mm  (use with D0111). Price per mount.For models with the roll bar mounted below or above the diff.


£9.95 ex VAT £9.99


Part No. TVR U2348

TVR Tuscan Kick Plate

TVR Tuscan kick plate , Fits LH or RH , 320mm x 80mm , Fits all models of Tuscan . sold as a Pair (2).

£45.00 ex VAT £52.63


Part No. TVR U1631

TVR Roof cable Tuscan Early

TVR Roof cable for early Tuscan models. Screw fitting.

£38.99 ex VAT £50.95


Part No. TVR E2943

TVR Alternator/ PAS Belt TVR

TVR Alternator Belt for TVR Speed 6 & Cerbera AJP. Also Tuscan MKI PAS belt for models without the Elec plump 10 Rib. Check old belt dimensions...

£11.00 ex VAT £17.20


Part No. TVR M0643

Relay TVR Yellow

TVR Relay. Used for various items like cooling fans, horn, main beam, heated seats and air conditioning. Was part no. M0404. This is the OEM Land...

£8.55 ex VAT £9.78


Part No. TVR S0391

TVR Exhaust Manifold SP6

TVR FRONT Exhaust Manifold for the later SP6 engines which use the 4 wire lambda sensor.

£148.00 ex VAT £245.00


Part No. TVR Q0054

TVR Clutch Push Rod Clip

TVR Clutch Push Rod Clip for clutch slave . This is the correct clip to retain the push rod to the clutch fork on  All Rover V8 cars OE...

£5.99 ex VAT £6.74


Part No. TVR RD9

TVR Indicator Switch Alloy Cover

Racetech have produced these aluminium stalk covers which fit over the existing indicator and wiper stalks on the TVR Sagaris, T350, Tamora, Late...

£79.99 ex VAT £89.99


Part No. TVR 025D007

Trailing Arm / Diff Mount in OE Rubber

TVR Trailing Arm / Diff Mount in OE Rubber . Fit S models Diff mounting and Tasmin Trailing arm.

£39.99 ex VAT £43.87


Part No. TVR S28M10009

TVR Bulb Holder Rear All S Models

TVR Rear bulb holder. All S models for LH or RH Lamps. Deterioration and corrosion of the bulb holder is a common cause of defective rear light operation...

£33.56 ex VAT £40.00

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