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Part No. TVR F0413

TVR Gearbox Bell Housing Grommet

TVR Gearbox bell housing grommet.stops the dirt/stones/water from contaminating the clutch.Also used on Later TVR models as Headlamp access Grommet.


£15.00 ex VAT


Part No. TVR RD5590

TVR Steering Column Lower Bearing Kit Tasmin..

TVR Steering Column Lower Bearing Kit late Tasmin . 4 Part Kit to fix the play in to lower steering column Bulkhead , For models with the Triangle...

£14.99 ex VAT £19.99


Part No. TVR H0211

TVR Steering Shaft 360mm Small Spline to..

TVR Steering Shaft 360mm Small Spline to Small Spline.

£43.21 ex VAT


Part No. TVR TVRTS00402

Spirit Of Driving T-Shirt - TVR Logo -..

TVR Logo "Spirit of Driving" T-Shirt (Black). This is part of the Spring / Summer 2017 TVR Official Merchandise collection available to purchase...

£19.00 ex VAT £24.00


Part No. TVR H0373

TVR Power Steering Pump ( PAS ) V8 Models..

TVR Power steering pump (PAS) , fits all models up to the electric pump cars. Good quality UK made pump .

£175.00 ex VAT £275.00


Part No. TVR H02089

TVR Steering Rack Copper Pipe Kit

TVR Steering Rack Nickel Copper Pipes H0208 & H0209. All TVR Own Alloy PAS Steering Rack. Griffith and Chimaera and Cerbera Models . Sold as...

£27.99 ex VAT £33.99


Part No. TVR H0169

TVR PAS Reservoir Bottle

TVR PAS Reservoir Bottle . Cars with Early Power Steering , Griffith Chimaera Cerbera and early Tuscan . small compact size to look correct to rest...

£39.99 ex VAT £54.99


Part No. TVR 025J030A

Hand Brake Cable Tasmin Models

Hand Brake Cable For Tasmin Models 280i - 450i  .

£29.99 ex VAT £39.95


Part No. TVR K0124AA

TVR Radiator Alloy - Late Griff / Chim..

TVR Radiator, all Aluminium construction - to fit Early and Late Griffith and Chimaera models as well as Cerbera AJP V8 (TVR part numbers K0091 -...

£299.00 ex VAT £450.00


Part No. TVR P0627

TVR Heater Blower Motor Single Fan

TVR Heater blower motor Single Fan for Tuscan models and onwards. This unit comes with a 3 speed resistor which you can also use in single speed....

£85.00 ex VAT £130.36

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