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Part No. TVR J0005

TVR Brake Caliper Bolt

TVR Brake Caliper Bolt Front , This speical bolt is for the front brake caliper cage to the upright . 2 per side 4 per car . Will fit both the 240mm...

£3.55 ex VAT £3.99


Part No. TVR RDS28F10001

TVR Propshaft Front Yoke

TVR Propshaft Front Yoke . For the Ford Gearbox V6 .

£75.00 ex VAT £78.99


Part No. TVR 15385

TVR Diff mounting bush Salisbury

TVR Diff mounting bush Salisbury diff on M series models 4 per car . Sold each .

£56.00 ex VAT £59.99


Part No. TVR S28J10052

TVR Brake Drum rear for S models

TVR Brake Drum rear for S models . sold as a pair . 

£67.90 ex VAT £79.60


Part No. TVR 039J106A

Brake Disc Front Vented For 2 pot Caliper..

TVR Brake Disc Front Vented 262mm For Tasmin with the 2 piston Caliper . sold as a pair.

£92.00 ex VAT £99.99


Part No. TVR E2117L0068A

TVR Oil filter and fuel filter package..

TVR Racetech Direct Oil filter E2117 and fuel filter L0068A package for the TVR Griffith and TVR Chimaera Models Rover V8 . Made by Borg&Beck...

£21.00 ex VAT £23.45


Part No. TVR J0433

TVR Brake Servo TVR Speed 6

TVR Brake Servo for all Speed 6 models from Tuscan MKI and onwards (not including Cerbera Speed 6 which has J0088) Please note that this is a OE Ford...

£95.00 ex VAT £204.16


Part No. TVR VX15625

Top ball joint Vixen and Grantura

Upper front ball joint for Vixen S1,S2,S3 ,Tuscan V6 & V8 ,Griffith 200 & 400, 1800S and Grantura Mk 3 & Mk4.A quality European sourced...

£42.95 ex VAT £47.99


Part No. TVR M1246

TVR Wiper Motor Late Models

TVR Wiper motor for later cars , Tuscan and onwards (small black motor). Was also fitted to some very late Chimaera models ( wiper motor mounted...

£219.99 ex VAT £275.00


Part No. TVR J0106B

Brake Disc Rear Solid - Drilled and Grooved..

TVR Rear Solid Brake Disc 252mm, drilled and grooved. Fitted to Early Griffith, Chimaera and S V8 models. Sold as a pair.




£105.00 ex VAT

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