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Part No. TVR K0111

Swirl Pot /Tank TVR V8 Serpentine

Aulminum Swirl tank ( For V8 Serpentine cars with fan switch in swirl pot). Can also be used on models with the fan switch mounted in the radiator...

£175.00 ex VAT £189.99


Part No. TVR RD0124AA

TVR Radiator Tasmin V8

TVR Radiator Tasmin V8 most 390i , All Alloy radiator updated to use the later fan switch K0094A much more reliable switching off the cooling fan...

£310.00 ex VAT £355.00


Part No. TVR 10388

Bonnet Frame Surpport TVR M

TVR Bonnet frame surpport for M models. Racetech Direct Classic have made this steel frame  for the later type of M models with bonnets with...

£225.00 ex VAT £245.00


Part No. TVR 15723

Steering Rack Clamp

TVR Steering rack clamp . fit LH or RH for Grantura MK3 and all M series and Vixen . sold each.

£25.99 ex VAT


Part No. TVR S28H10039

TVR Steering U/J Upper Column TVR S

TVR Upper Steering Column UJ S and V8S models.Also used on late Tasmin /wedge models where the Ford originated steering column is used . High quality...

£49.95 ex VAT £53.65


Part No. TVR E6455

TVR Throttle Cable Clevis Rod SP6

TVR Throttle Cable Clevis Rod SP6

£9.10 ex VAT


Part No. TVR M1477A

Clear Lens Front Indicator

Clear lens for front indicator (lets you change your amber unit for the later look of clear lens) for Tuscan MK1 models. Price shown for 1 lens only.


£82.33 ex VAT £85.00


Part No. TVR M1246

TVR Wiper Motor Late Models

TVR Wiper motor for later cars , Tuscan and onwards (small black motor). Was also fitted to some very late Chimaera models ( wiper motor mounted...

£219.99 ex VAT £275.00


Part No. TVR P0105

TVR Heater Control Knob Griffith

TVR Aluminuim heater control knob for late Griffith models. This knob can also be used to go over the Wiper delay switch for most models .

£10.55 ex VAT £11.75


Part No. TVR Q0055SC

TVR Clutch fork Rover and T5 Gearbox

This is a TVR OE Clutch fork Rover and T5 Gearbox that has had the slider pins made a little too long. With simple grinding off the excess length...

£9.99 ex VAT £19.99

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