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Part No. TVR 15287/15298

TVR Hose kit 3000M Low Rad

TVR Hose kit for the 3000M series with the LOW rad ,3 part kit Made in silicone for modern performance and then rubber wrapped to give the old school...

£136.00 ex VAT £146.00


Part No. TVR J0089B

TVR Brake Master Cyl .

TVR Brake Master Cylinder. 2x large M12 and 2x small M10 outlet. Direct fit no mods needed .  Manufactured exlusively to us by a leading...

£125.00 ex VAT £137.99


Part No. TVR H0279

TVR Hose Power Steering High Pressure for..

TVR Power steering hose (3/8-V8) high pressure.From Pas pump to rack.All Griffith and Chimaera Models with PAS

£48.99 ex VAT £59.99


Part No. TVR D0344

TVR Spacer Rear upright to wheel bearing..

TVR Spacer Rear upright to wheel bearing C0425 . Fitted to all the later cars . Made from high grade Aluminum . This part has become a common part...

£39.99 ex VAT


Part No. TVR E6455

TVR Throttle Cable Clevis Rod SP6

TVR Throttle Cable Clevis Rod for SP6 engines . made in stainless steel .

£11.99 ex VAT


Part No. TVR Q0055SC

TVR Clutch fork Rover and T5 Gearbox

This is a TVR OE Clutch fork Rover and T5 Gearbox that has had the slider pins made a little too long. With simple grinding off the excess length...

£9.99 ex VAT £19.99


Part No. TVR E6037

TVR Thermostat Housing All SP6 Models

TVR Thermostat Housing All SP6 Models. will also fit Rover V8 .. Ideal for Kit cars and other Rover V8 fitments .

£44.80 ex VAT £48.99


Part No. TVR B1436

Spoiler Mounting Brackets Rear

TVR Rear spoiler mounting bracket (for spoiler part No. U2643). 3 required for Sagaris. Price per bracket . Can also be used to fit the spoiler to...

£55.00 ex VAT


Part No. TVR U0615

TVR Boot Lock Striker

TVR Boot lock striker . Can be made to fit most models Griffith , Chimaera , Cerbera . Also fits S3 and S V8 models. Used to replace part No. M0617...

£37.99 ex VAT


Part No. TVR 025M245A

TVR Wiper Arm Tasmin

TVR Wiper Arm for Tasmin models.

£23.99 ex VAT £24.75

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