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Part No. TVR 025C015A

Wheel Bearing Dust & Grease Cap

TVR Wheel Bearing Dust & Grease Cap . Fits all TVR Tasmins front hubs , OE made part .

£22.99 ex VAT


Part No. TVR J0433

TVR Brake Servo TVR Speed 6

TVR Brake Servo for all Speed 6 models from Tuscan MKI and onwards (not including Cerbera Speed 6 which use J0088) . It has now been discontinued...

£40.00 ex VAT £104.00


Part No. TVR J0760GR

TVR Brake Disc Rear 298mm Grooved

TVR Rear Brake Disc - 298mm, grooved. Ideal for track day car or road use. Fitted to the later model Tuscan MKII / Sagaris / Red Rose. Limited stock...

£150.00 ex VAT £299.00


Part No. TVR J0760

TVR Brake Disc Rear 298mm

TVR Rear brake disc (298mm, vented and cross drilled). For MKI / MKII Tuscan S, Red Rose and Sagaris models. Sold as a pair (2 disc)



£150.00 ex VAT £250.00


Part No. TVR E6455

TVR Throttle Cable Clevis Rod SP6

TVR Throttle Cable Clevis Rod for SP6 engines . made in stainless steel .

£12.99 ex VAT


Part No. TVR E0096

TVR Gear Stick Gaiter or Hand Brake Lever..

TVR Gaitor. Rubber gaiter to fit over gear stick or hand brake lever. This is then covered by the leather gaiter. Designed to stop fumes along...

£38.99 ex VAT


Part No. TVR L0519

TVR Fuel Tank Sender T350 / Tamora

TVR Fuel tank sender for T350 / Tamora / Sagaris models - You may need to change the float arm on different models.

£55.99 ex VAT


Part No. TVR Q0014A


TVR Clutch Release Bearing Carrier Rover Gearbox LT77, Upgrade Made to Replace the plastic Release bearing which can melt or snap , This solid...

£75.00 ex VAT £80.00


Part No. TVR D0110

Anti Roll Bar Rear Bush TVR OE Standard..

TVR Anti roll bar D Rear mount for 22mm sport anti roll bar on Chimaera and Griffith models and Cerbera with 22mm roll bar beneath differential....

£24.00 ex VAT £25.50


Part No. TVR E2943

TVR Alternator/ PAS Belt TVR

TVR Alternator Belt for TVR Speed 6 & Cerbera AJP. Also Tuscan MKI PAS belt for models without the Elec plump 10 Rib. Check old belt dimensions...

£19.99 ex VAT

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