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Part No. TVR M0325

TVR Brake / Stop / Hand brake Micro Switch..

TVR  Handbrake / brake light switch / stop light switch  twin terminal.   This replacement switch for the obsolete Large white...

£9.99 ex VAT £12.99


Part No. TVR F0185LHD

TVR T5 Gearbox Remote linkage kit LHD

TVR T5 Gearbox Remote linkage kit  LHD . Remote gearbox linkage shift kit for Griffith and Chimaera LHD models fitted with the T5 gearbox.


£145.00 ex VAT


Part No. TVR E0273

TVR Spigot Bush TVR

TVR Spigot bush for crankshaft rover V8 (serp engines/T5 gearbox) Large hole

£18.99 ex VAT


Part No. TVR C0159

TVR Ball Joint Top Cap

TVR Top Ball Joint Cap for ball joint pin to lock into. Mounted on top of steering upright.

£35.00 ex VAT


Part No. TVR S0169

Exhaust Mounting Rubber TVR

TVR Rear Exhaust mount rubber (under diff) fitted to Griffith Chimaera Tuscan Please note that this is manufactured from good quality rubber compound....

£8.50 ex VAT


Part No. TVR J0758

TVR Brake Discs Rear Pair - TVR Tuscan..

TVR Rear brake discs (282mm x 20mm thick ) Super -Hi Quality  Vented / Cross Drilled / not handed / Road or Track / balanced / light . Zinc...

£215.00 ex VAT £260.00


Part No. TVR M0132

Wiper wheel box

TVR Windscreen Wiper Wheel Box. Brand New OE part . very limted stock.

£65.00 ex VAT


Part No. TVR L0069

Fuel Tank Cap - Original Equipment

TVR Fuel tank cap (black/metal-twist lock). This is an Original Equipment replacement to your existing "rusty" TVR petrol cap .

£21.99 ex VAT


Part No. TVR Q0055SC

TVR Clutch fork Rover and T5 Gearbox

This is a TVR OE Clutch fork Rover and T5 Gearbox that has had the slider pins made a little too long. With simple grinding off the excess length...

£9.99 ex VAT £19.99


Part No. TVR K0105

Water Feed Tube

TVR OE L Shaped Lower Water Tube mildsteel .Rover V8 early Serpentine engine . Has some light surface rust .

£37.99 ex VAT

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