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Part No. TVR J0089A

Brake Master Cylinder - TVR

Brake Master Cylinder for Odd 'S' Models ( 4x M10 small outlet ). Also some early Chim / Griff models   1992/1993..

£122.00 ex VAT £129.99


Part No. TVR U0386

TVR Ashtray For The Door

TVR Ashtray fitted into door panel. For Griffith, Chimaera and Cerbera models. Colour: Black. The Ideal part to finsih the interior . Please...

£17.99 ex VAT £18.99


Part No. TVR Q0315/16/17/B


TVR clutch slave cylinder to fit cars with TVR's own engine and all current models, includes release bearing. Made from stainless steel and black...

£262.00 ex VAT £295.00


Part No. TVR C0159

TVR Ball Joint Top Cap

TVR Top Ball Joint Cap for ball joint pin to lock into. Mounted on top of steering upright .

£35.00 ex VAT


Part No. TVR 10315/10316

TVR Door Hinge Vixen and M Models

TVR Door Hinge Vixen and M Models. Once again from Racetech Classic TVR range have remade door hinges for the vixen and M models, a vast improvement...

£65.00 ex VAT £79.50


Part No. TVR RD400

TVR Wiper Rack Rebuild kit ( Per wheel..

TVR Wiper Rack Rebuild kit (Per wheel box). This kit is for the later models Tuscan and onwards. 2 kits per car needed. 

£14.99 ex VAT


Part No. TVR RD35

TVR Tensioner Bearing Pre Serp 500

TVR Tensioner Bearing Pre Serp 500

£88.55 ex VAT


Part No. TVR T45E151R

TVR Crank Shaft Sensor OE

TVR Crank shaft sensor to fit Speed 6 and AJP V8 engines. Please note that this is an OE latest specification good quality sensor that provides reliable...

£62.00 ex VAT £65.87

Alarm cover b.jpg

Part No. TVR Alarm Switch Cover

TVR Alarm switch Cover

TVR Alarm switch Cover, fitted to late Chimaera models. covers the bonnet lock and bonnet switch .

£9.50 ex VAT


Part No. TVR U2336

TVR Roof Cable Tuscan (revised clip fitting)..

TVR Roof cable for Tuscan (revised clip fitting).

£53.99 ex VAT £59.95

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