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Part No. TVR 16202

Wheel nut M and Vixen

Good quality chrome closed end wheel nut with bulged taper end for superior clamping of wheel to hub. Suits all vixen and M series alloy...

£1.75 ex VAT £1.99

Part No. TVR 16207

Wheel nut Wolfrace wheel

Good quality chrome wheel nut with tapered washer to suit the Wolfrace wheels fitted to some M series cars. Note the shoulder which goes...

£2.99 ex VAT

Part No. TVR G0021

Axia Wheel Nut

TVR Silver Wheel Nut  40mm long . Standard wheel nut to fit all Imola and Estoril Wheel Rims with 4 stud fittings. Priced quoted is...

£3.95 ex VAT

Part No. TVR G0032B

TVR wheel Name Plate Badge

TVR Silver/ Black Wheel Name Plate Badge , for 18 inch spider wheels and 15 inch and 16 inch Imola wheels. These high quality plates have...

£6.95 ex VAT £7.50

Part No. TVR G0038

TVR Centre Wheel Cap ESTORIL

TVR Wheel centre cap for the TVR Estoril 7 spoke 15"/16" rims. It is finished in the original TVR Estoril rim colour. PLEASE NOTE THAT...

£21.75 ex VAT £32.51

Part No. TVR G0136

TVR Wheel Nut Black

TVR Black Wheel Nuts for Spider Rims (Short Length 33mm). Price quoted is per wheel nut.

£1.95 ex VAT £2.75

Part No. TVR G0137

Tyre Valve - TVR

TVR Chrome Sleeved Tyre Valve ( no cap ) for TVR spider rims. These are short length valves specifically for fitment to the TVR Spider...

£2.00 ex VAT £4.85

Part No. TVR G0138

Valve Cap

Chrome Valve Cap for spider rims.

£1.10 ex VAT


Wire wheel adaptor retainer nut

Special retaining nut used on cars with wire wheels to secure the wire wheel adaptor to the hub. It features a bevelled or tapered edge...

£2.00 ex VAT

Wheels & Accessories   [9]

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