Gearbox & Clutches   [43]

Part No. TVR U0366

Pivot Ball TVR T5 or Rover Gearbox

TVR Pivot ball For gearchange on T5 or Rover & hood hoop (required with U0367 & U0368)

£6.10 ex VAT £11.26

Part No. TVR U0367

Gear Stick Pivot Bush TVR Rover Gearbox..

TVR Gear stick pivot ball bush (required with U0366 & U0368)

£2.95 ex VAT £8.80

Part No. TVR U0368

Gear Stick Circlip TVR Rover Gearbox ..

TVR Gear stick circlip (for U0367-U0366)

£1.88 ex VAT

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