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Part No. TVR V0158

Targa Seal Early Cars

Targa Seal Early Cars - glued to the Targa roof panel, fits Tasmin Models and Early S - Griffith - Chimaera models. Sold per 1 Metre.


£12.95 ex VAT

Part No. TVR V0170

TVR Door Window Seal Outer

TVR Weather strip Outer top of door seal ( wipes the door glass as it moves up and down ) . Also used at bottom of the door (inside edge)...

£4.50 ex VAT £4.95

Part No. TVR V0582

TVR Targa Seal MKII

TVR MK2 Targa Seal. This wide version helps to make a better seal on the top edge of the  door glass . Price quoted per meter.


£3.96 ex VAT £6.99

Part No. TVR V0631

Badge Plinth Gasket

Sponge gasket for badge plinth.*

£1.89 ex VAT

Part No. TVR V0654

TVR Rubber Circle Rub Pad

TVR Rubber Circle Rub Pad with a approx diameter of 10mm. Used on roof panels / door shuts etc..

£0.83 ex VAT

Part No. TVR V1062

TVR Tuscan Seat Badge

TVR "Tuscan" seat back badge.

£10.99 ex VAT £12.99

Part No. TVR V1093

TVR Screen Seal Lower

TVR Lower Screen Seal. Sold per car in 3 meter lengths.

£16.47 ex VAT £19.82

Part No. TVR V1094

Seat Back Badge Cerbera

Seat Back Badge Cerbera.

£7.50 ex VAT £7.99

Part No. TVR V1097

TVR Screen Seal Upper

TVR Screen Seal Upper. Sold Per Car in 1mtr length ..  Tuscan models use it only across the top need 2mtr , Tamora models use...

£15.16 ex VAT £18.65

Part No. TVR V1308

TVR Upper And Lower Screen Seal

TVR upper and lower windscreen seal, narrow T section. To fit Sagaris, T350, Tamora and Cerbera lower screen.  Also rear screen seal...

£6.75 ex VAT £7.95

Badges, Seals & Cables   [62]

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