Badges, Seals & Cables   [51]

Part No. TVR 025L024A

Seal ring fuel filler.

Large rubber O ring Grommet which fits over the fuel tank filler pipe where it goes through the body. Used on all Tasmin and wedge cars.


£8.95 ex VAT

Part No. TVR 10301

Water excluder strip

Water excluder strip, used on M series cars. Fits across door frame and designed to reduce water ingress into door where drop glass lowers...

£5.70 ex VAT £6.25

Part No. TVR 10317

Glazing rubber ,rear screen and tailgate..

TVR Sealing rubber for rear sceen ( tailgate on Taimar ) for all M series ( except 3000S), Vixen, Tuscan, Griffith 200/400, 1800S and Grantura...

£12.10 ex VAT £13.66

Part No. TVR 125V411A

Bumper to body seal

Small triangular seal that fits between the bumper and body on most Tasmin and wedge series cars. Sold per metre. Approx 3m required per...

£7.30 ex VAT £8.41

Part No. TVR 16211

Spreader chrome rear windscreen and tailgate...

Chrome spreader or locking strip for rear screen ( tailgate in Taimars ) glazing rubber in all M series ( except 3000S ), Vixen, Tuscan,...

£2.75 ex VAT £3.22

Part No. TVR 16236

Spreader chrome front windscreen.

Chrome spreader for front windscreen on all M series ( except 3000S ) Vixen, Tuscan, Griffith 200/400, 1800S, Grantura Mk1 to Mk4 models....

£2.75 ex VAT £2.95

Part No. TVR B1216

TVR Badge Mounting Plinth

TVR Badge mounting plinth brushed finished , fits Sagaris and TVR T350 but can fit other models. Badge fitment U2661 - U2519 - U2577 -...

£33.99 ex VAT

Part No. TVR B1726


TVR " B " Post Door Capping RH. fits by the hood hinge on the door shut 'B' post . For Tuscan II Convertible .

£35.00 ex VAT

Part No. TVR G0013

TVR Badge For TVR Griffith Estoril Rims..

TVR Wheel badge for Wheel Rim Centre Cap in silver / black. Measures approx 58mm in diameter.

£6.95 ex VAT £11.99

Part No. TVR N0070

Grommet Large

Large Grommet for dash or bulkhead and inner wheel arch to allow wiring, throttle cable and other controls into the car .

£3.50 ex VAT

Badges, Seals & Cables   [51]

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