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Part No. TVR 125V411A

Bumper to body seal

Small triangular seal that fits between the bumper and body on most Tasmin and wedge series cars. Sold per metre. Approx 3m required per...

£5.95 ex VAT £6.62

Part No. TVR 15035

Rear wheel cylinder M and Vixen

Rear wheel cylinder for all M seies, Vixen, Tuscan and Grantura mk3 and mk4. 0.7 in bore and comes with bleed nipple.

£15.00 ex VAT £16.50

Part No. TVR 15066

Brake master cylinder Late M

Brake master cylinder for later M series cars with the "small" cap on the reservoir. Has 3 outlets, 2 for the front and one for the rear...

£94.50 ex VAT £94.50

Part No. TVR 15091

Alt Belt 3.0L Essex

Alternator and waterpump belt for Essex V6 in 3000M,Taimar and 3000S .

£8.57 ex VAT £9.99

Part No. TVR 15093

Ignition Coil Essex V6

Ignition coil for Essex V6 engine fitted with BALLAST ignition system and points ( not electronic ) ignition. Suits 3000M, Taimar, 3000S...

£24.00 ex VAT £29.87

Part No. TVR 15218

Exhaust support O ring

Exhaust support O ring used on most M series and some Tasmin and Vixen models.

£1.99 ex VAT £1.99

Part No. TVR 15310

Bush gear lever base 4 speed V6

Mushroom shaped bush at base of gear lever in 4 spped transmission used in V6 M series and 280I /Tasmin .This bush frequently splits resulting...

£39.95 ex VAT £44.95

Part No. TVR 15425/15086

Pair of rear springs and dampers M series..

Pair of Protech height and rate adjustable rear springs and dampers to suit the rear of all M series cars ( 1600M,2500M,3000M,Taimar ,3000S...

£280.00 ex VAT £280.00

Part No. TVR 15428

Suspension bush M series

Rubber suspension bush for all M series and Vixen S4 cars . Note this is UK manufactured product by the original OE supplier to TVR and...

£3.95 ex VAT £3.95

Part No. TVR 15428P

Wishbone bush M series Poly

A superior polyurethane suspension bush to suit the wishbones ( A arms ) on M series cars from 73 onwards . These high quality bushes improve...

£7.50 ex VAT £7.95

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