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Part No. TVR 035K 032A

TVR Cooling Fan Otter Switch

TVR Cooling Fan Otter Switch 92C' - 87C' . TVR S V6 Models Also used on some Tasmin / Wedge Models  and on M series where the switch...

£9.95 ex VAT £12.95

Part No. TVR 035S100A

Sealing Ring Exhaust.

Exhaust sealing ring for Tasmin models.

£5.50 ex VAT £5.50

Part No. TVR 035S177A

TVR Gasket Exhaust Manifold V8 S

TVR Gasket exhaust manifold for V8 S engines. Pre Cat Gasket 3 bolt fitting. Also used on V8 wedge exhausts where single centre box is...

£3.99 ex VAT £4.57

Part No. TVR 039J018A

Brake pad Tasmin Vented Disc

Brake pad set for Tasmins with vented front disc and TWO piston calipers. Please enquire if your car has 4 piston calipers. See part No....

£27.00 ex VAT £29.99

Part No. TVR 042R063A

Halfshaft UJ Large late Tasmin

Large UJ used on halfshafts of later V8 tasmins and wedge cars ( late 350I ,390SE,400SE etc ). 106 mm across approx .This is a heavy duty...

£29.95 ex VAT £29.95

Part No. TVR 10158

Pivot rod long M series

Long pivot rod Bolt shaft for rear suspension on all M series cars and which goes through the rear upright and connects the rear lower...

£24.50 ex VAT £24.50

Part No. TVR 10264P

Suspension bush Vixen Grantura

Quality polyurethane  wishbone (A arm )to chassis bush for all Vixen ( except Vixen S4 ,see p/no 15428P for this application...

£5.50 ex VAT £5.95

Part No. TVR 10301

Water excluder strip

Water excluder strip, used on M series cars. Fits across door frame and designed to reduce water ingress into door where drop glass lowers...

£5.50 ex VAT £5.95

Part No. TVR 10317

Glazing rubber ,rear screen and tailgate..

Sealing rubber for rear sceen ( tailgate on Taimar ) for all M series ( except 3000S), Vixen, Tuscan, Griffith 200/400, 1800S and Grantura...

£11.00 ex VAT £12.50

Part No. TVR 125M280A

Boot solenoid release button.

Square release button for boot solenoid on S3 ,S3C,S4 ,V8S and some late Tasmin/wedge cars ( eg 400 SE)

£8.95 ex VAT £9.95

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