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Part No. TVR 025R025A

Wheel bearing oil seal Tasmin

Oil Seal for rear wheel bearings on all Tasmin/wedge cars . 2Two required per bearing ,or four per car . See part no 025R024A for the bearing...

£7.95 ex VAT £7.95

Part No. TVR 025R100A

Output shaft O ring Salisbury diff

O ring fitted to output shaft on Salisbury diffs used in all Tasmin/Wedge cars . See O25R101A , 025R102A and 025R541363  for the bearings...

£4.95 ex VAT £4.95

Part No. TVR 025R101A

Output shaft bearing Salisbury diff

Output shaft bearing for Salisbury diff , used on all tasmin /wedge cars . There are TWO bearings per out put shaft so four are required...

£19.95 ex VAT £19.95

Part No. TVR 025R102A

Collapsible spacer Salisbury diff output..

Spacer for output shaft on salisbury diff used in all Tasmin and wedge cars Fits between output shaft bearings  . One per sde so two...

£9.95 ex VAT £9.95

Part No. TVR 025R541363

Output shaft Oil seal Salisbury diff.

Output  shaft  Oil seal used on Salisbury diff used in all Tasmin /wedge cars . Two required per car . See 025R100A , 025R101A,...

£11.95 ex VAT £11.95

Part No. TVR 025U022A

Door Hinge Bush Tasmin Wedge

TVR Door hinge bush for Tasmin Wedge. 4 Needed per car.

£7.50 ex VAT £8.99

Part No. TVR 035C045P

Anti Roll bar bush kit

Kit of two  black polyurethane bushes which mount the front anti roll bar to the chassis on all Tasmin cars from 280I to 450SE and...

£15.95 ex VAT £14.95

Part No. TVR 035E 252A

TVR OIL SUMP - TVR Rover V8 Engines ..

Sump TVR Rover V8 Engines,Std fit on 400/4.3/450..Will fit late 450/500 with slight modification.Come with sump plug. OE thick Walled pressed...

£308.45 ex VAT £375.99

Part No. TVR 035E 254A

TVR Rover V8 Sump Plug Bolt

TVR Rover V8 sump plug bolt

£4.80 ex VAT £4.99

Part No. TVR 035E 255A

Sump Plug Washer

Rover V8 Copper Sump Plug Washer

£1.40 ex VAT £2.25

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