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Part No. TVR 025M160A

Reverse light switch 4 speed Ford

Reverse light switch which screws into the gearbox case on the 4 speed Type 5 gearbox used in V6 M series (3000M ,Taimar ,3000S ) and Tasmin...

£37.50 ex VAT £37.50

Part No. TVR 025M476A

Headlamp bowl assembly

Headlamp mounting bowl assembly, including plastic bowl ( wont corrode ) with chrome plated, securing ring and screws. Suits all S cars...

£24.75 ex VAT £27.50

Part No. TVR 025Q076A

Clutch V6

Clutch kit for V6 S and V6 Tasmin cars also 3000M Models  ,includes plate ,cover and release bearing .

£115.00 ex VAT £125.00

Part No. TVR 025R014A

Halfshaft UJ Small early Tasmin

Halfshaft UJ  used on early Tasmin both V6 and V8 cars . The UJ measures 82 mm across This is a heavy duty greaseable UJ not to be...

£19.95 ex VAT £19.95

Part No. TVR 025R024A

Rear wheel bearing .

Rear wheel bearing kit for all Tasmin and wedge cars ( one kit per side ) . Each bearing requires TWO seals 025R025A . 

£59.50 ex VAT £59.50

Part No. TVR 025R025A

Wheel bearing oil seal Tasmin

Oil Seal for rear wheel bearings on all Tasmin/wedge cars . 2Two required per bearing ,or four per car . See part no 025R024A for the bearing...

£7.95 ex VAT £7.95

Part No. TVR 025R100A

Output shaft O ring Salisbury diff

O ring fitted to output shaft on Salisbury diffs used in all Tasmin/Wedge cars . See O25R101A , 025R102A and 025R541363  for the bearings...

£4.95 ex VAT £4.95

Part No. TVR 025R101A

Output shaft bearing Salisbury diff

Output shaft bearing for Salisbury diff , used on all tasmin /wedge cars . There are TWO bearings per out put shaft so four are required...

£19.95 ex VAT £19.95

Part No. TVR 025R102A

Collapsible spacer Salisbury diff output..

Spacer for output shaft on salisbury diff used in all Tasmin and wedge cars Fits between output shaft bearings  . One per sde so two...

£9.95 ex VAT £9.95

Part No. TVR 025R541363

Output shaft Oil seal Salisbury diff.

Output  shaft  Oil seal used on Salisbury diff used in all Tasmin /wedge cars . Two required per car . See 025R100A , 025R101A,...

£11.95 ex VAT £11.95

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