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Part No. TVR H0373

TVR Power Steering Pump ( PAS ) V8 Models..

TVR Power steering pump (PAS) , fits all models up to the electric pump cars. Good quality UK made pump .

£175.00 ex VAT £275.00


Part No. TVR 15659

TVR Front Anti roll Drop Link LH or RH

TVR Front Anti roll bar Drop Link LH or RH . Racetech Direct brings this up rated drop link with the correct off set and angle comes with a poly...

£32.99 ex VAT £34.99


Part No. TVR 15498

Diff Mounting bush

TVR Diff Mounting bush rear . sold in pair (2) . made in poly

£125.75 ex VAT £128.95


Part No. TVR RD1

TVR Plug Terminal Kit For cooling Fans

TVR Plug Terminal Kit for cooling fans. Very common fault of the fans not working . 2 needed per car .

£5.95 ex VAT


Part No. TVR RD9

TVR Indicator Switch Alloy Cover

Racetech have produced these aluminium stalk covers which fit over the existing indicator and wiper stalks on the TVR Sagaris, T350, Tamora, Late...

£76.99 ex VAT £89.99


Part No. TVR 125M018A

TVR Door Pin Switch

TVR Door Pin Switch.

£6.22 ex VAT £7.24


Part No. TVR 025C018A

TVR Washer Thick For TCA

TVR Washer Thick For TCA . This new part by Racetech is extra thick (3mm) to help reduce any flexing and work best with the poly bush kit 025C020P...

£4.95 ex VAT


Part No. TVR 025M191A

TVR Window Switch S3 & V8 S Models

TVR Window Switch. Rocker switch for windows, to fit S3 & V8 S models.

£21.49 ex VAT £24.36


Part No. TVR E2117L0068A

TVR Oil filter and fuel filter package..

TVR Racetech Direct Oil filter E2117 and fuel filter L0068A package for the TVR Griffith and TVR Chimaera Models Rover V8 . Made by Borg&Beck...

£21.00 ex VAT £23.45


Part No. TVR S28C100456K

Anti roll Bar Front Drop Link Kit

Anti roll Bar Front Drop Link Kit . Upgrade Front Anti Roll Bar drop Links with ball joint and poly bush . Sold As a Pair .

£59.99 ex VAT £72.88

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