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Part No. TVR D0091

TVR Rear Anti Roll Bar 19mm

TVR Rear anti roll bar 19mm .Rear Roll bar mounted under the exhaust . Griffith and Chimaera models.

£154.95 ex VAT £170.00


Part No. TVR N0070

Grommet Large

Large Grommet for dash or bulkhead and inner wheel arch to allow wiring, throttle cable and other controls into the car.

£3.50 ex VAT


Part No. TVR 025J030A

Hand Brake Cable Tasmin Models

Hand Brake Cable For Tasmin Models 280i - 450i  .

£29.99 ex VAT £39.95


Part No. TVR U1505

TVR Door Drop Glass LH Fits Tuscan MKI..

TVR LH door drop glass, fits Tuscan MKI and MKII. Only one left at this price .

£75.00 ex VAT £199.00


Part No. TVR Q0014

Clutch Release Bearing TVR

TVR Clutch release bearing Flat face bearing fits early Rover V8 cars with Rover gearbox. Is the correct part for clutch covers with Rounded fingers...

£39.99 ex VAT £45.00



TVR Steering Column Stalk Set Griff Chim..

TVR Steering Column Stalk Set to fit Griffith and Chimaera models was also fitted to the Griffith 500 SE range as Std. Upgrade the cabin of your...

£73.50 ex VAT £89.99


Part No. TVR P0458

TVR Air Con Pipe Assembly Short

TVR Short Air Con Pipe Assembly.

£39.99 ex VAT £49.99


Part No. TVR 025L024A

Seal ring fuel filler.

Large rubber O ring Grommet which fits over the fuel tank filler pipe where it goes through the body. Used on all Tasmin and wedge cars. Also suits...

£8.95 ex VAT £8.95


Part No. TVR T45F167R

TVR Gearbox Oil Seal T5 Output Late ..

TVR Gearbox oil seal T5 rear / output. Late type (no dust cover). Also has a metal outer seal so will not pop out of the tail housing. Used...

£18.95 ex VAT £19.99


Part No. TVR M0102F

TVR Door Mirror Frame LH

TVR LH door mirror frame. Limited stocks on this very rare part, buy now before it is obsolete.

£55.00 ex VAT £75.00

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