Exhaust & Silencers   [30]

Part No. TVR S28S10056

TVR Exhaust Manifold Gasket V6 2.8 and..

TVR Exhaust manifold gasket, V6 2.8 needs 4 gaskets / V6 2.9 needs 6 gaskets. Price quoted is per gasket / Each .

£5.75 ex VAT

Part No. TVR S29S10054

Exhaust Manifold Downpipe/ Link Pipe ..

Exhaust manifold Downpipe/ link pipe, for V6 2.9 non cat cars (for manifold part No. S29S10052 or S20S10053)..LH/RH..Made in Stainless...

£96.30 ex VAT £99.99

Part No. TVR TVR003

Exhaust Manifold Band Clamp Fitting TVR..

TVR Exhaust Manifolds Chim/Griff Band clamp type fitting Without pre cats with lambda holes . Sold as a Pair..Made In Stainless Steel ....

£940.50 ex VAT £955.44

Part No. TVR TVR004

Exhaust Y Piece 8 Bolt Fitting No Cats..

TVR Chim/Griff 8 Bolt Fitting Exhaust Y Piece Pre Cat and No Lambda hole. Pre Serp RV8 engines. Made In Stainless Steel. Please allow 7...

£385.00 ex VAT £399.99

Part No. TVR TVR005

TVR Exhaust Manifold 8 Bolt Fitting Griff/Chim..

TVR Exhaust Manifold 8 bolt fitting NO cat , TVR Griff/Chim Pre-Serp engine, Made In Stainless Steel..Please allow 7 working days.


£929.50 ex VAT £950.77

Part No. TVR TVR006

Exhaust 'Y' Pipe with band clamp fitting..

TVR Chim/Griff . Exhaust 'Y' Pipe with Band Clamp type fitting with NO Cat. Made In Stainless Steel.. Special order please allow 7 working...

£412.50 ex VAT £433.52

Part No. TVR TVR007

Exhaust Y Piece TVR RV8 - With Cat

Exhaust Y piece centre pipe (TVR RV8 Chim/Griff with band clamp type fitting). This system is fitted with a high quality Catalytic Converter...

£952.42 ex VAT

Part No. TVR TVR010

Sports Tails for Cerbera 4.2 / 4.5 AJP..

Sports Tails For Cerbera 4.2 / 4.5 AJP, These replace the big single Silencer. Sold as a Pair. Early 4.2 cars will need centre pipes 50-51mm ...

£470.00 ex VAT £499.00

Part No. TVR TVR011

TVR Sports Tails Cerbera 4.5 AJP / SP6..

TVR Sports Tails Cerbera 4.5 AJP / SP6 .. 3" Tail pipes for 4.5 AJP / SP6 Cerbera models made in stainless steel with fittings to...

£524.04 ex VAT £549.99

Part No. TVR TVR26

Exhaust Manifolds 2.8 V6 S Models

Exhaust Manifolds 2.8 V6 S Models . 1 pair manifolds with the fromt pipes made in stainless steel for the V6 2.8 2 branch heads .

£505.69 ex VAT

Exhaust & Silencers   [30]

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