Ignition Coils & Leads   [16]

Part No. TVR 15093

Ignition Coil Essex V6

Ignition coil for Essex V6 engine fitted with BALLAST ignition system and points ( not electronic ) ignition. Suits 3000M, Taimar, 3000S...

£24.00 ex VAT £29.87

Part No. TVR 16676

Plug lead set V6 Essex

Good quality set of plug leads for 3.0L V6 Essex engine fitted to 3000M, Taimar and 3000S models. Includes the coil king lead.

£24.99 ex VAT

Part No. TVR E0057


Ignition coil (rover V8)OE Bosch. Please note that this an OE Bosch and should not be confused with cheaper rebadged aftermarket units....

£42.00 ex VAT £48.00

Part No. TVR E0207A


TVR ignition lead upgrade set 8mm silicone resistive leads for TVR V8S Chimaera and TVR Griffith models. These ignition leads are fitted...

£34.95 ex VAT £47.00

Part No. TVR E0411

TVR Ignition Module TVR V8 Serp and Pre..

TVR Ignition amplifier module for Serpentine and Pre-Serpentine Rover V8 engines.

£29.50 ex VAT £36.99

Part No. TVR E2038

TVR Ignition Coil AJP 8

TVR Coil pack (for TVR AJP8 engines / 2 required per car). Please note that this is the correct high spec NGK and Bosch unit and not a...

£99.00 ex VAT

Part No. TVR E2038A

TVR Ignition Coil AJP 8 A

TVR Ignition Coil AJP 8. High quality coil. 2 per car fitted, one for LH bank and one for RH bank. Sold individually..

£60.99 ex VAT £79.99

Part No. TVR E6522A

TVR Ignition Leads Set Speed 6 Models

TVR Speed six spark plug lead set (6) In Black . Premium cable used in our high performance lead sets. The core consists of a fibreglass...

£49.00 ex VAT £57.87

Part No. TVR E6523

Ignition Coil Pack TVR SP6

Ignition coil pack for TVR Speed 6 engines. OE Bosch Coil Pack.

£105.99 ex VAT £119.99

Part No. TVR RD0207

TVR Ignition Lead Set Ceramic For Rover..

This is one of our most popular products, exclusively available from Racetech Direct. This TVR Ignition Lead Set with Ceramic ends is suitable...

£149.95 ex VAT

Ignition Coils & Leads   [16]

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